Parra Trooper


Giant Parramatta grass and giant rat’s tail grass (Weedy Sporobolus Grasses) cost more than $60 million annually and could invade 223 million ha of grazing land. These losses affect farmers, rural employment, associated industries and export earnings.

A widespread native soil fungus, Nigrospora oryzae, causes crown rot disease in these species and has been spread by transplanting diseased plants without off-target impacts for nearly 20 years.  An innovative farm-based enterprise has now cultivated the fungus so it can be applied more safely and effectively.  The organism has not been modified and is sold as “Parra Trooper”.

Farmers have been using Parra Trooper with success and are disappointed this natural product is unable to be used for the purpose of controlling these weeds because the APVMA considers it requires registration as an agricultural chemical.

Nigrospora oryzae is a widespread native soil organism.  Ironically, as a soil ameliorant, it is exempt from regulation by the APVMA but if promoted, supplied or used for the purpose of controlling a weed, it becomes an “agricultural chemical” requiring registration.  Help us campaign to have it exempted from regulation by the APVMA.  Please watch the short video and write to your local MP and the Minister for Agriculture.  Please share with your networks.


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