Parra Trooper


About Spores and Hyphae

There are two active parts of Parra Trooper, spores and hyphae. The hyphae are like the runners of a grass and the

Spores and Hyphae of Nigrospora oryzae
At 200x you can see that there are hundreds of spores and a solid mat of hyphae.

spores are like seeds. If you make a spray with a 60g pack of Parra Trooper and 200L of untreated water, there will be about 20 spores for every drop of that 200L. There will also be many fragments of hyphae. Each of those fragments has the potential to grow into a fungi that produces millions of spores and unimaginable amounts of hyphae.

The spores are hardy and can survive droughts and freezing weather. They will, like many seeds, sprout only when the conditions are right. The hyphae, on the other hand, are fragile. Hyphae will die if they get hot or dry. It is the hyphae that are Parra Trooper’s secret weapon and the spores that are the back-up. When a fragment of hyphae lands it will begin to grow immediately and, if the weather is kind to the fragile, microscopic, strand, it will grow fast.

A big cluster of Nigrospora oryzae spores
A cluster of spores on Parra Trooper substrate photographed at 200X

Our research and testing indicates that it is these hyphae that are responsible for the fast response times that have been reported this year. Parra Trooper is still a new product and we are still learning about how it works but there is no doubt that it does work and, in some conditions, it works fast.

For best results it is best to use Parra Trooper when the weather is a bit damp and not too hot.

There is much more hyphae than there are spores.