Parra Trooper

Preparing Parra Trooper for spraying

Parra Trooper will arrive as a solid mass of substrate, black spores and white hyphae. To prepare a spray you will need a container for mixing, a drill powered stirrer (or similar implement) and a strainer. Then follow this procedure:

  1. Add the required amount of Parra Trooper to a sealable bucket or similar container that is half full of untreated water
  2. Seal the bucket so that vigorous agitation doesn’t cause splashing or spillage
  3. Agitate well and strain liquid into the tank of your sprayer. Use a strainer that will remove particles that might block your jets or damage your pump but will allow spores and hyphae to pass through. I use a 450 micron compost tea bag (available from this site’s shop) but a fine kitchen strainer or standard tank filter may do.
  4. Return the material to the mixing bucket, add more water and repeat the agitation a couple of times so that you remove most of the spores and hyphae from the substrate.
  5. Calculate how much your sprayer will apply per hectare and top up your tank to suit the area and amount of Parra Trooper that you have mixed. As a guide, we use 200L/ha.
  6. Concentrate your spraying on rises and hills as the Nigrospora oryzae fungus naturally spreads slowly down hill in wet weather.

Notes: Always use untreated water. Wash spray tanks, lines and guns well before and after use. The Nigrospora oryzae spores are slightly heavier than water so, if your tank doesn’t have an agitator, it is best to keep the tank moving and to stir after breaks. Unused liquid will remain viable for several days.